BG: Seven new electronic services of these Customs Agency are available to market operators

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Seven new innovative services of the Customs Agency look to economic operators. Through the interface, the Unified portal for entry to administrative services, operators can complete a request for service to a specific clinic.

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The following electronic alternatives are now available to businesses and most people through the portal:

  • Authorization of use of the ‘comprehensive guarantee’ or ‘guarantee waiver’ relating to commodities in transit;
  • Issuance of a certificate of approval; friction material
  • Authorization to use simplified insurance policies;
  • Authorization for according the status of “approved exporters” within the rules of origin with regard to preferential trade arrangements with other countries;
  • Request for practices control outside office hours and / or outside the office;
  • Needs for research and laboratory examen and preparation of expert beliefs;
  • Authorization of according the status of ‘authorized consignee’ in transit procedures.

For more information, please visit the Bulgarian Unified portal for access to management services.

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  • Original news article (in Bulgarian) friction material

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Services for Businesses

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