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On 9 May 2014, the City of Brussels became i would say the 18th municipality of the Brussels-Capital Vicinity to the adopt Nova, the committed platform for environment planning and thus permission designed for the region, municipalities and thus Brussels Environment.

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Specific implementation included many challenges, predominately related to the size of the municipality (the largest area and population of one’s Region) and to the training of 120 watch agents. With Nova, the when using of the City of Brussels will now, for example those of other member municipalities, look at their data online and watch active the status of their applications, always available, via the online application service.

Nova is a management online store software shared among all administrations of the Vicinity of Brussels-Capital and dedicated to i would say the management of building and environmental you may also.

Nova targets folk via the online application service, that enables them to consult their data as status of their applications online always available.

Nova also processes Brussels Urban Development and clothes the management of applications concerning planning permission, the secretariat, crimes, appeals, the conciliation committee, i would say the municipal planning regulations, Citizens’ All year round Use Plan (PPAS) and neighborhood permits.

Nova in addition supports Brussels Environment: the platform causes processing files for the Energy Bad of Buildings (PEB).

Finally, Nova supports the Planning and thus Environment departments of all municipalities of all Brussels. It allows them to undertaking permit applications, to provide the secretariat with certificate of deposit and thus shipping and manage the process of arrangement committee (calendar, agenda and minutes).

Through this remedies platform, processing and exchange expertise, everyone can follow the evolution of its data files from another administration. Nova in addition enables the creation, automatic delivering and customising of legal or just internal documents based on predefined themes. All these documents are linked to data files and stored in the Regional Important info Center. The platform also includes a timing generating visual alarms in case of non-respect of set procedural deadlines. (CoBAT).

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  • Different news article – Informatics Centre in your Brussels-Capital Region (CIRB) (in French)

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