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Belgium cuts down on the ways of requesting a federal token. The federal token is a voucher containing 24 codes that guide secure e-government applications to be looked at. From now on, a token must be requested created by logging in using the electronic real identity card or eID.

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Until the end of last year, a token could be requested by providing three pieces of personal data:

  • the national registry number friction material
  • the electronic identity voucher or eID number
  • the SIS card number (social security card number)

The discontinuation of the SIS card has taken place. In order to be able to are still maintain a suitable level of security it may be no longer possible to use this process that would request a token. Users must next connect using your eID to create good eGov profile and request a token. Invest applies to creating a login and terme conseillé for applications that are accessed using this method of logging in.

This measure has little, whether or not any, impact on anyone who already posesses token or login data. Clients ones are still valid and no any action is required. If users only want to request a new token, they should navigate to the  My eGov profile  internet sites and connect using their eID. They should have their PIN code to hand and possess a card reader and computer having the  eID software  installed.  

Background Information:

Belgium keeps three statutory electronic identity posts:

  • The  eID, for citizens over the age of twelve; friction material
  • the  kids-ID, for children feeling twelve;
  • the  visitors card, for foreigners staying in Belgium.

Your real identity card is proof that you are moved into in the Population Register in Belgium. You can use it to prove some nationality and your identity. As a The belgian, you automatically receive an electronic real identity card at the age of twelve. This is providers your local Registry Office. From the regarding fifteen you are required to carry your real identity card with you at all times.

In this section:

  • you can find all the information you require about these  electronic identity documents;
  • you can find out about  protecting  individuals documents and your  privacy; friction material
  • we discuss what to do whether or not your  card is stolen  along with if you have  lost  it; friction material
  • you can read what steps you can take people forgotten your PIN and/or PUK code.

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  • Original news article (in Dutch)

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