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Since 1 January 2014, contractors of the Federal Government have had to provide you with their invoices for goods and services involved electronic format. The new service is to be able to bring benefits in efficiency in addition to cost.

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The govt . authorities no longer accept paper accounts or invoices that are sent by using email or in PDF step-by -step. The only exception here is the cash payment processing system. The legal basis for this development is provided by the 2012 ICT Consolidation Act (IKTKonG).

The Business Service Portal (USP), and it’s also operated by the Federal Computing Company (BRZ), is the central processing console for eInvoicing to the federal government. You’ll be able to produce electronic invoices, a 1-time registration at the USP is necessary. Afterward invoices may be created at any time while using function on USP called ‘eInvoice to the federal government’. These are then uploaded immediately.

Internet based invoices are fast and effective. They can be created, transmitted and dealt with safely. In addition , the error rating for the processing of numbers nicely as other data is lowered, and payment processing times are reduced.

The new service also helps to save selling price. This is not just the cost reductions accomplished through saving paper and postage or through automatic processing, plus also through a reduction in environmental pollution. Regulations a study by the Austrian Federal Global financial Chamber, if invoicing in the Austrian economy and government – consists of B2B transactions – is made majority electronic, this will produce savings associated with several billion euros a year.

The BRZ, as the WHICH service provider and partner of the Authorities Ministry of Finance, provides the WHICH solution for the eInvoice system in addition to performs the operation of this plans in a proven way. Highest surveillance, stability and cost minimisation are the most important customer requirements, which are optimally fulfilled by the BRZ. This suggests that the data transfer between the contractors along with the BRZ IT systems operated inside the federal government (such as USP, eInvoice and federal budget allocation) can be carried out efficiently and without problems.

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  • Original news article – Authorities Computing Centre (BRZ) (in German)
  • Business Service Web pages (USP) (in German)

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