The lowdown on Google AdWords Bid Adjustments & 20 Top Strategies

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In “Google AdWords Bidding Promotions: The Complete Guide” we covered various bidding strategies in a Google AdWords profile that can be applied at the campaign methods and even flexible bidding strategies engage down to the ad group and as well keyword level.

While it’s true bidding strategies apply to campaign since ad group level, we include bid adjustments that apply to aimed towards.

What Are Bid Changes?

Bid adjustments trinkets percentage change to a bid and allow for increase or decease for faster control of where ads are displayed. For example , a location that produces additional information valuable leads can be targeted additional information aggressively with an increase in adjustment toward bid.

Location Bid Adjustments

There are also several places through AdWords where a bid adjustment usually are made.

Google AdWords Bid Adjustments

Adjustment can range from -90 to +900% for a given where to put it, time period, placement, etc with adverse reactions numbers obviously deemphasizing that scenario or target. For mobile, the adjustment of -100% is used toward opt-out serving on mobile devices.

What About Multiple Bid Changes?

Multiple bid manipulations are multiplied together to set the offer.

Here is an example Search for provides to illustrate the calculation:

  • Ad collection max CPC bid $1 friction material
  • California targeting +20% push adjustment
  • Saturday -50% bid adjustment
  • A bid for a search that occurs in Carolina on a Saturday will be U. Erinarians. $0. 60.

Starting bid: $1
California conventionality: $1 x (+20%) = $1. 20
Saturday adjustment: $1. 20 x (-50%) = $0. 60
Resulting push for searches in California a prior weekend not too long ago: $0. 60

Note that multiple adjustments for the same where to put it are not combined. Another Google example of how this works:

  • Adjustment of +50% for the France
  • Adjustment and are generally +100% for Paris
  • Only the adjustment for Paris, many specific location, will be used

Notable outliers:

If an advertiser is using Conversion optimizer, the only bid adjustment accepted is really mobile -100% opt-out.

For campaigns using automated businesses (advertisers give AdWords control over singular CPC bids), ad scheduling push adjustments can’t be used

10 Strategies For Bid Adjustments

  1. Increase bid manipulations for peak sales hours to maximise opportunity.
  2. Decrease push adjustments for nights and sundays when the office is closed. friction material
  3. Identify locations where the main number of conversions occur or most conversion rate then increase the push adjustment.
  4. Use a education device and location to serve additional information to people on mobile in the area of all your physical store.
  5. Agreed upon less for mobile on your own mobile user experience is a poor.
  6. For interest aimed towards, bid more on core interest aspects closest to your target market and less to acquire complementary interest.
  7. Inside the display placement campaign, arrange placements in a first choice, second choice, and as well third choice tiers by push adjustments.
  8. Increase push adjustments +300% on mobile devices to manufacture a faux mobile campaign or “mobile focused” campaign.
  9. Let bid adjustments for ad collection level topic targeting, then exceptleave out a gender or age (to leave the one you want to target) to reach persona level targeting in expose.
  10. Increase bids inside the course of lunch time to reach people searching all over lunch hour.

Which strategies have you tried and do people think it was effective? Let us know in the criticism.

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