fem Ways the Internet Celebrated ‘(Not Provided)’

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Editor’s Note: The following column is intended when considering immature audiences and probably won’t be fitted for all readers, especially those who heat easily at the mention of the word “Google”. Yes, Google’s move to secure internet search is a bummer, but that doesn’t just mean we can’t cope with a little bit of talante on the weekend. Read on, if you defy; oppose; scorn; resist…

So the seo marketing world discovered a little change this week. For those of you who didn’t have an Interwebz connection, let me give you the scoop.

See, the people over at Free of charge have decided that we no longer need to consider that little matter of keyword important information, so they’ve decided to turn every last search term typed on their little web presence into “(not provided)” in Google Analytics.

This change is virtually two years in the making, as “(not provided)” data has increased for many. Free of charge has now switched all searches to the site HTTPS from HTTP, so NOT MORE KEYWORD DATA FOR YOU!

Obviously this isn’t great news for anyone who specializes in search. The reality is, it means that several items like content, site architecture, leading building, and social media (to concept a few) are more important, simply because search engine ranking is only getting harder and harder.

In honor of this little amendment (insert copious amounts of sarcasm) I do searched around the web to find the five ways people celebrated vented about this big change.

1 . 100% (not provided) Protein

Not Provided Protein Powder

OK, you guys to be found at Powerhouse Fitness are funny! Thats better way to celebrate than with a recent overly priced protein powder, and the listed ingredients of (not provided). They state that “(not provided) is definitely a healthy alternative to other (not provided) products and will help you (not provided), (not provided) and has been used by considerable amounts of athletes that are involved in (not provided) style sports. ”

Well played.

minimal payments #notprovidedfilmtitles

People incline be taking to Twitter to share this special insight on #notprovidedfilmtitles, thanks to program @tjproberts. There were even awards directed at the winners of the best titles as come across on @krystianszastok’s site.

Here are three that are pretty magnificent:

Zack and Miri Make a not provided Tweet

Saving Private not provided Tweet

Star Trek II The Wrath of not provided

3. Movie Posters

Twitterverse people decided to take it a step further and create neat dvd posters to further make this #notprovidedfilmtitles undertaking more fun!

Invasion of the Keyword Snatchers

Image by @hitreach

Google Alien

Image by @matt_seo

Keyword Apocalypse Now

Image by @aaranged

4. notprovided. co. uk

The UKs Most Valuable Domain Name

The UK seems to be getting in on the action by creating the acres http://www.notprovided.co.uk/. While this website was created near enough two years ago, it’s still incredibly funny considering this week’s get-togethers.

Notprovided. co. the united kingdomt states that this domain “is your part number 1 converting keyword in the UK around all websites, all industries and platforms! ” You can be the owner of our domain for a mere 1 huge number of pounds or “nearest offer. inches

5. Memes

Finally, it wouldn’t are the Internet if we didn’t have some “(not provided)” memes to accompany on the drama.

Not Sure If...

not provided Ryan Gosling

I Logged into Google Analytics

If you found any additional “(not provided)” fun, please tweet us @sewatch to let us think about!

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